Travel Makeup Bag Packing List Printable

To my fellow makeup lovers:
How many times have you seen a packing list printable that only has one item on the list referring to toiletries/cosmetics? If you're a minimalist when it comes to makeup (& that's fine, to each their own) that might be sufficient for you, but what if you're a total glamor girl?

Enter the Travel Makeup Bag Packing List printable. This packing list includes everything I could possibly think of that you might want in your travel makeup bag, plus some space for you to write in extra items.

Obviously, it's not necessary to bring every item on the list. Think of it more as a memory jogger, so you don't forget anything you might want to bring. There are several designs & colors. To download a pdf, click the printables link in the drawer menu, then look under the packing list column. Enjoy! 😃

My Travel Makeup Bag Packing List